Company’s History

Chatzialexiadis paper trading company was established in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1978, from Anestis Chatzialexiadis, continuing the 40-year history of the oldest paper trading company of the city that was first founded from Stavros Antoniades in 1938.

Today, Nikos Chatzialexiadis leads the company by upholding an eighty-year experience in paper-trading; he remains faith in top commercial values, committed to delivering the highest-quality papers & services to clients.

Since 1978 the company retains the traditional range of papers, widely used in graphic arts [ offset papers – coated – uncoated etc.], and extends the collection with new generations of papers, produced by high profile paper manufacturers.

Meanwhile, the company introduces an impressive range of specialty papers, inspiring the most demanding creative individuals to create new values and forms on the printed communication. The company imports and distributes a great variety of specialty papers with high standards quality, eco-friendly, produced in the leading European paper manufacturers [Fedrigoni, Favini, Arjo Wiggins a.o.].

Chatzialexiadis paper trading company keeps strengthening its presence in the paper commerce industry, in the world of paper, by upholding the quality values and remaining open to new challenges!